Versioning and history support

You may know that our system supports object versioning. That means, for every object we keep all changes made. This document describes how you can access previous versions.

Going back in time

If any change was made to an object, you may request any of it’s previous states by specifying the time of the state in the request. Use the at_time parameter for that:

Request: GET /<namespace>/<object_type>/[<object_id>]/?at_time=<YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS>

this works with lists of objects too:

Request: GET /<namespace>/<object_type>/?at_time=<YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS>

For example, if you set at_time to any point in time in the previous century:

Request: GET /<namespace>/<object_type>/?at_time=1998-07-26 17:16:07

you’ll obviously get no results.

Object changes history

Soon you’ll be able to request object changes history in one GET request, however, at the moment this feature is in development.

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