Installation guide


Using the G-Node Client requires some other python packages to be installed:

  • neo A package for representing electrophysiology data in Python
  • quantities Arithmetic conversions of physical quantities
  • odml Open metadata markup language
  • appdirs Get appropriate platform-specific user dirs
  • request-futures Asynchronous Python HTTP Request
  • h5py HDF5 for Python

In order to build the documentation and install the package using the following packages are recommended.

All dependencies with the exception of the python odml package, can be installed using easy_install. On debian bases linux distributions one install packages for quantities (python-quantities), neo (python-neo), sphinx (python-sphinx), setuptools (python-setuptools) and h5py (python-h5py) using the package manager (apt-get, aptitude).

To install the odml package use the following commands, with appropriate permissions (e.g. with sudo for the last command).

git clone
cd python-odml
python install


To install the client invoke the following commands using appropriate permissions.

git clone
cd python-gnode-client
python install

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