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The German Neuroinformatics Node (G-Node) provides various services and tools to facilitate data access, data management, and data sharing. This page is our project showcase where you can find information about our projects. For general information about the G-Node, please visit our main website.



The NIX data model allows to store fully annotated scientific dataset, i.e. the data together with its metadata within the same container. Our aim is to achieve standardization by providing a common/generic data structure for a multitude of data types.

The current implementations store the actual data using the HDF5 file format as a storage backend.

More detailed information on the NIX libraries and links to documentation can be found on the NIX project page.

NIX: Main repository and base (C++) implementation.

Language bindings:

NIXPY also includes a standalone implementation of the NIX API and therefore the C++ NIX library is not required to use it.


The goal of the GIN project is to develop a free data management system designed for comprehensive and reproducible management of scientific data. It keeps track of changes to the contents and organization of the files and provides secure remote access to the data. More specifically, once a directory has been put under GIN control, the contents will be synced to a dedicated GIN server. With proper authorization, data can be accessed and changed from remote clients, making it easy to work from multiple workplaces while keeping all data at hand and in sync. Data can be managed from web and file browsers as well as through a command line interface, which enables integrating data management and access into the data acquisition and analysis procedures. The system handles any kinds of directory structures and file types, and tracks all changes. The service furthermore makes it straightforward to share any data within a lab or with off-site collaborators and to work on it in parallel.

Any GIN repository hosted on the official GIN service can be permanently archived (at a given point in time) and referenced by a unique Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

The GIN service is based on the Gogs Git service.

The data versioning, storage, and synchronisation part of the project is built on git and git-annex.

The project consists of:

Visit the GIN Wiki for a Quickstart, documentation and further information about GIN.


The open metadata Markup Language is an XML based file format for storing metadata in an organised human- and machine-readable way. odML is an initiative to define and establish an open, flexible, and easy-to-use format to transport metadata.

odML also provides reusable templates and terminologies to easily create custom odML from a variety of pre-defined metadata building blocks like e.g. 'Subject' or 'Stimulus'.

More detailed information on the odML libraries and tools, examples and links to documentation can be found on the odML project page.


The G-Node Conference Application suite is an electronic conference management application and a conference guide for mobile devices.

The G-Node hosts the web application for conferences at the G-Node Conference Site


Neuroshare is a standard API for accessing data in proprietary formats, which is supported by many vendors. We develop a number of tools to facilitate data access through Neuroshare.


Authors and Contributors

Christian Garbers (@cgars), Jan Grewe (@jgrewe) Christian Kellner (@gicmo), Achilleas Koutsou (@achilleas-k), Andrey Sobolev (@asobolev), Michael Sonntag (@mpsonntag), Adrian Stoewer (@stoewer),